what is braz latch

Brazlatch is patent protected mechanism latch with a unique triple action that provides extra safety by preventing any accidental opening, clears the entry way, and easy to open in one hand. The triple action mechanism works on a sequence that has to be completed

Heavy Duty Metal Construction
Keep pets in backyards or children safe from wandering. Keep animals safe in corrals or on larger properties with border gates.

Spring Action for Clear Entryway
Great for horse tailors, cattle cars, fruit trucks, or
on trailers to keep things contained in the trailer.

Animal Resistant from accidental openings
This latch protects against animals accidentally opening it with a 3 step opening process. Use it with horses, cows, pigs, goats, or sheep.



Perfect for farm and agriculture needs
Use the gate to keep animals out of green houses or sheds. For best results, use the latch out of children reach to keep doors closed.

how it works

where to buy

europe and canada




about us

since I was 2 years old I remember myself on our ranch running around in between the horses legs, jumping from the horses to the tractor and up To my  tree house. growing up on the ranch  made my love for horses inevitable ,  Along with many more favorites things like building  and mechanics. This turned me into a mature young adult really fast that was doing big mature jobs.While I was still relatively young I was the person who everyone came to when there was a sophisticated task that needed to be solved in a creative simple manner.As the years went by it was clear to me that I had a great appreciation for sophisticated simplicity.What I want is to share this with people facing similar challenging tasks , providing simple solutions to everyday problems that make life easier in a sophisticated smart way.


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